10 Engineering Stereotypes in Hollywood Movies

Hollywood is rife with engineering stereotypes. Sometimes the depictions of engineers are outright wrong. But other times they’re on point. I’m going to go over the 10 most common engineering stereotypes Hollywood throws at us. I’ll then discuss how accurate I think each is. You can then form your own conclusion and also get a … Read more

11 Surefire Ways To Retain Engineering Talent

The ability to retain engineering talent can make or break a company. This is why the competition for 10x engineers is so fierce. And surprising to most, making it rain with money isn’t the be-all and end-all. Companies need to dig deeper and be smarter. Because top-engineering talent can choose to work ANYWHERE. This fact … Read more

Learn About the 3 EV Charging Station Types

There are 3 EV charging station types commonly used. Each has pros and cons when it comes to charging electric vehicles. These charging station types go by the following names: Level 1 charging Level 2 charging DC fast charging (Level 3 charging) I’ve designed most of these chargers for various clients, so I’ve learned a … Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Charge a Tesla?

How much does it cost to charge a Tesla? It ranges from about $8 to $18 to fully charge a Tesla, depending on the model vehicle you drive. To better understand the cost, you need to learn the details of the charging calculation. Because let’s face it, the fuel cost savings is a huge reason … Read more

How Do Engineers Dress and the Dress Code Impact?

How do engineers dress? For the most part, a dress code doesn’t exist. You see shirts and ties, all the way to engineers that look homeless. Overall though, your corporate environment will shape any dress requirements. But also, different work settings can dictate what you wear as well. I’ll go over some examples of different … Read more

What to Unlearn From School to Level Up?

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Substation CT Saturation Calculation Made Easy

CTs are critical for the operation of power systems. A CT saturation calculation will show how well a CT can operate in non-ideal conditions. I’ll show you step by step how to do the calculation and the information you need to gather. Before we go over the calculation, let’s discuss CTs, Current Transformers. You can … Read more

How Do We Protect Earth From Asteroids?

How do we protect Earth from asteroids? We can use explosives, booster jets, lasers, and other techniques. But these methods aren’t proven. The most important thing is to have a huge lead time to divert an extinction-level asteroid. This is easier said than done though. In fact, a study from Cardiff university states, The sun’s … Read more

How to Dewater a Construction Site Using 6 Methods

How to dewater a construction site? Many dewatering methods exist to accommodate different construction site conditions. I’m going to go over all the common dewatering methods. You’ll see how they work, and when you need to use them. Because every construction site is unique with different conditions you need to consider. You’ll find the geology … Read more

16 Powerful Construction Management Tips

Construction management can be downright grueling. But, by using 16 proven construction management tips, the work becomes much easier. Over the years, I’ve managed construction work and been the lead engineer on many projects. I’ve learned a lot through my mistakes and working with poor construction managers. Also, I’ve picked up invaluable tips from some … Read more

How Hard Is Electrical Engineering?

How hard is electrical engineering? It’s challenging, but not overly hard. If you’re good at math and physics, you’ll learn quickly. Truth is, everything seems hard until you get your feet wet. Remember when you first learned how to ride a bike? It was daunting and you fell hitting the ground countless times. You then … Read more

What Do Consultant Engineers Do?

What do consultant engineers do? They provide advice and guidance, project management, and engineering design services to customers. These customers are both in the private and public sectors. Also, the engineering design work consultants do can be very light to intensely complex. To better illustrate, I’m going to share my work with you. I’ve worked … Read more