8 Underground Conduit Installation Rules to Follow

Underground conduit installation work isn’t a cakewalk. For a safe and long-lasting installation, you need to follow certain rules. These are rules any contractor should follow when doing underground conduit installation. I enforce these rules myself for most engineering projects. So, they certainly apply to any at-home backyard projects too. In discussing the rules, I’m … Read more

The Importance of Situational Intelligence in Engineering

Situational intelligence is a key tool in developing superstar engineers. I’m going to go over the importance of situational intelligence in engineering. Before we go any further, let’s define situational intelligence. It’s the ability to perceive and understand everything that’s going on around you. Then, applying the information you’ve gathered to solve problems and avoid … Read more

What Does an Engineer Look Like?

What does an engineer look like? Engineers come in all shapes, colors, races, and sizes. A cookie-cutter engineer doesn’t exist. But ask this question to Hollywood, and you’ll hear something completely different. They’ll describe engineers as antisocial-looking geeks who are at times slobs. I’ll admit, there’s some truth to this stereotype. I can’t lie. But, … Read more