Do engineers like their jobs? 3 Deciding Factors

Do engineers like their jobs? Like every profession, some engineers do and some don’t. It depends on several important factors we’ll discuss. These factors include: Your personality Why you chose the profession Type of job you work in These 3 factors apply to all types of engineering. #1 Your personality fit with engineering work Not … Read more

Why do engineers think they are so smart?

Why do engineers think they are so smart? Some engineers think this because they solve complex problems using a lot of math. But, exceptional engineers don’t need to go around talking about their smarts. They let other people do the talking for them. In fact, most engineers are humble. That’s why I really dislike it … Read more

Do Engineers Play Video Games?

Do engineers play video games? Of course! All types of engineers play video games. Especially young engineers who grew up with gaming consoles. I find video games today play a role in almost every engineer’s life in some form. Video games offer the following: Challenging problem-solving opportunities. A lens into alternative realities. Like sci-fi books, … Read more

18 Tips To Improve Your Engineer Client Relationship

A good engineer client relationship leads to successful projects. To avoid costly problems and deliver great service, engineers should use my 18 tips. Frankly, smiling while saying “yessir” won’t cut it these days. In fact, doing this may get you kicked around more than a soccer ball. Some clients will take advantage of you. So, … Read more

F-14 Tomcat Carrier Launch Calculations and More

The movie Top Gun starring Tom Cruise made jets and aircraft carriers iconic. So, let’s go through the calculations of an F-14 Tomcat carrier launch. These launches are marvels of engineering. Massive jets taking off and landing on floating airports. The ocean’s airports The USS Theodore Roosevelt is a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. It stands 20 … Read more

The Truth About Leaving a Legacy After Death

I hear all the time about the importance of leaving a legacy after death. But, this can be dangerous advice leading to depression if you’re not careful. So yes, I don’t agree with the entire premise of leaving a legacy after death at all costs. To top it off, this advice just doesn’t make much sense. … Read more

Substation Battery Sizing Calculation Made Easy

Batteries are the lifeline to substations, providing backup power. I’m going to go over a typical substation battery sizing calculation. I’ll show you step by step how to do the calculation. Also, the considerations you need to make for your different substation loads. Before we go over the calculation, let’s discuss batteries in substations. You … Read more

8 Fascinating Things About Rocket Structure Analysis

We all love to watch a rocket launch into space. But, the rocket structure analysis that makes a successful launch possible goes unnoticed. I’m going to go over the more interesting aspects of rocket structure analysis. This way we better appreciate how we fire large metal cylinders into Earth’s orbit. A distance of 100 plus … Read more

5 Space Movie Physics Mistakes That Feel Insulting

You’ve probably felt insulted after watching some space movies. Yes, some movie physics mistakes hurt to watch from how little science was considered. I still enjoy watching these movies. But sometimes, I’m left staring at the screen thinking “are you serious?!” Especially today with social media and access to endless information over the internet. I … Read more

Engineering Slang Words and Expressions You Need to Know

Some engineering slang words and expressions are downright funny. While others you need to know to effectively work in the engineering profession. I’ve put together a complete list of engineering slang words and expressions. My list is a mixture of slang words and expressions that I’ve used, heard, or seen in all types of engineering. … Read more

36 First Engineering Job Tips You Need to Know

Use these 36 first engineering job tips to level up in your career. You can then better transition from the ivory towers into the real world. I’m going to go over some mistakes I’ve made, colleagues have made, and things I’ve just learned. This way, as a new engineer you can more smoothly adapt to … Read more

10 Easy Tips on How to Work Like a Machine

Learn how to work like a machine to increase your productivity tenfold. Accomplish more of your goals, while still having time for the things you love. The goal isn’t to lose your human side by working like a machine. Rather, to get more done since you only have 24 hours in a day. And 4 … Read more

Learn How to Calculate Conduit Size for Cables Fast

I’ll teach you how to calculate conduit size for cables and wires fast and easy. It’s a great way to verify your grueling conduit sizing hand calculations. Also, convenient for calculating conduit sizes on the fly if you’re at a job site or standing in Home Depot. Our free-to-use conduit sizing calculator will do all … Read more

Coronavirus Impact on Business and Engineering

The coronavirus impact on business affected every industry in some way. The effects were even felt on “essential” engineering jobs. I’m going to focus on the effect on U.S. small businesses and essential engineering jobs. These are engineering jobs directly impacting the real world. Thus, not including most software development jobs. As a power engineer, … Read more