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Our world is rapidly changing today with electric cars slowly becoming a staple on all highways, fears and hopes for artificial intelligence and robots rippling through mainstream media, computers becoming smaller and smaller and more powerful all the while becoming a favorite toy of toddlers, Earth’s climate changing leading to panic and amazing energy innovations that are not sourced from taking carbon from underground and putting it into the atmosphere, and so much more.

It’s a fascinating time to be alive! I have spent well over a decade around the latest technologies, designing the electrical power infrastructure for major pockets in California as a licensed professional electrical engineer, pursuing entrepreneurial ventures using the latest technologies, and yet I’m perpetually still fascinated with our world and I’m striving to learn more and more each and every day.

Engineer Calcs will dive into the subjects that are shaping our world today, ranging from engineering, technology, construction, our future, deep philosophical questions, and so much more, so we can all become more informed and learn from one another with our rapidly changing world. Every article is written from firsthand experience to provide real and helpful insights.

Personal Philosophy

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” I read this quote in a book that highlighted Leonardo da Vinci’s life philosophy on leading a fulfilled life.

There’s no greater stimulation for your mind than learning and applying what you have learned. The best gift to give yourself is to always remain curious with a thirsty mind.

Having a curious mind will lead to doors flying open that you never knew existed and will take your mind for an amazing and transcending ride. What’s more, learning does not need to be limited to X, Y, or Z subjects confining you to only your main line of work.

I grew up watching and playing basketball, and my favorite team was the Chicago Bulls. Yes, big Jordan fan. Now today, with a curious mind and still passionate about the game, I started poking around and uncovering many captivating things: how the rim doesn’t bend or break with 250 pound men furiously dunking, dissecting how new age analytics work and how teams use this data to construct their teams and setup game plans, the biomechanics of the players such as the muscle torque created when a player darts and slashes through the lane, and so much more.

My curiosity has led me to learn about niches that I never knew existed, meet amazing people through questions I asked and answers I sought answered, and opportunities I discovered through the knowledge I gained by connecting the dots.

In short, with all the world’s information tucked inside of our pockets, with our smartphones connected to the internet, it has never been easier to soak ourselves in knowledge.

To that end, never settle, always be curious, and never be judgmental. Research for yourself, listen to opinions that differ from yours, and let your guard down. Then start learning and apply what you have learned. It’s the application of knowledge that is power.

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Feel free to contact me for radio, podcast or written interviews. I’m always happy to connect with people from all backgrounds.

E-mail: engineercalcs at gmail dot com

Koosha Toofan