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Have you noticed how electric cars have claimed our roads, and rockets are brightening not just our skies but also space? Then there’s the rise of artificial intelligence and robots, becoming commonplace in our modern world. It’s safe to say we’re living in some pretty exciting times, don’t you think?

Now, let me switch gears a bit and tell you about myself. I’ve spent nearly 20 years diving deep into the realm of cutting-edge technology, working as a licensed professional electrical engineer specializing in design. I own and operate an electrical engineering firm, eetsinc.com, in California. Our firm’s primary focus is on the design of electrical power projects, controls and instrumentation, as well as power facilities, while contracting with public agencies and private companies. Despite all of this, I remain captivated by all aspects of our known—and yet to be discovered—universe. I am perpetually eager to learn more, each and every day.

This is where Engineer Calcs steps in. It’s my personal loudspeaker, letting me share all my crazy interests with you guys, like:

Each post I throw out there comes with a side of my own experiences and insights. But don’t get me wrong—I’m not just here to talk. I want to hear from you and learn from your thoughts, too.

Apart from all this science and engineering stuff, I’ve got a life filled with other passions as well. I’m really into:

  • Sports
  • Bodybuilding
  • Video games
  • Music

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Koosha Toofan

Koosha Toofan


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