7 Must Know Mechanical Engineering Design Tips

Good product design is far from easy. But by following 7 mechanical engineering design tips, you can simplify the process. To point out, I’m not a mechanical engineer by degree. Formally, I’m an electrical engineer if it even matters. I’ve just gotten my hands dirty in a lot of mechanical-type work. Also, I’ve worked with … Read more

Is Engineering Worth It? 6 Reasons It Is!

Is engineering worth it? If you enter the profession for the right reasons, it’s well worth it. It’s interesting work without a pay ceiling. To better explain, I’ll cover the following topics: Scratch a childhood itch of curiosity and exploration Interesting technical work Challenging stimulating work Great pay Interesting and smart colleagues and customers Platform … Read more

Over 100 Powerful Engineering Resume Buzzwords

Engineering resumes are all about content. By using certain engineering resume buzzwords, your content becomes shorter yet more powerful. This is incredibly important because hiring managers are very tight on time. So naturally, they could care less about added fluff content. They want to instead jump right into your resume to see what you’ve done. … Read more

Homeowner’s Guide For a Structural Engineer Inspection

A structural engineer inspection keeps structures safe and saves homeowners money. These inspections aren’t widely known about though. Most homeowners think structural engineers only design bridges and skyscrapers. But, they also do all types of structural inspections, from bridges to home remodels. It goes without saying, the best design is only as good as the … Read more

12 Essential Portable Generator Maintenance Tips

Proper generator maintenance can be a lifesaver. Where maintenance includes planning, knowing what to check for, and proper storage. And the maintenance tips we discuss, I recommend to my industrial clients. So, they’ll certainly crossover to your at-home portable generator. Just ensure your generator is off and cool before doing any work, to avoid electric … Read more

The 3 Popular Methods of Calculating AC Size

Properly calculating AC size is an important part of keeping your home cool. There are three methods used to make the AC rating calculation. The methods range in their effectiveness and accessibility to you. In other words, the first method you can quickly do by hand. While the other two methods you need special software … Read more

The Insane Engineering Of the SpaceX Raptor Engine

The SpaceX Raptor engine is pushing engineering to new heights. And every technical aspect of these monster engines is groundbreaking. So, we’re going to dig into the engineering side of these engines. But, the depth of our technical dive won’t be much because of the many complexities. Even so, our overview will be enough to … Read more

8 Must Know Tips on Mechanical Design Tolerances

The proper selection of mechanical design tolerances, ensures projects stay within budget. And more importantly, designs remain functional. To get it out of the way, I’m not a mechanical engineer or machinist. But, I’ve done my share of tinkering with devices at home and at work as an electrical engineer. So I know a thing … Read more

Tourism Cost of Commercial Space Flight to LEO

Future tourism will one day extend from Earth into space. And the cost of commercial space flight will determine when this becomes a reality. Today, the cost of commercial space flight for civilians is mind-boggling high. But thankfully, every year, the cost is dropping. This opens new doors in the rapidly evolving commercial space travel … Read more

Why is Cape Canaveral a Launch Site? 6 Reasons!

Why is Cape Canaveral a launch site? It’s the ideal location to maximize rocket speed and keep the public safe and operations efficient. In total, there are 6 main reasons why NASA loves Cape Canaveral as a rocket launch site. I’ll discuss each reason in close detail. In return, you can better appreciate the complexities … Read more

What is Construction Engineering?

What is construction engineering? Construction engineers plan and manage the execution of designs for infrastructure projects. The infrastructure projects include the following types of construction work: Roads Tunnels Buildings Bridges Dams Utilities Railroads It goes without saying, society would crumble without these projects. This reinforces the importance of having construction engineers. Because it’s construction engineers … Read more

3 Traits of the Highest Paying Engineering Jobs

The highest paying engineering jobs often share three unique traits. They call for innovation, a rare skill, and risk-taking. Together, these traits create $500k per year paying engineering jobs! I know, this level of pay may seem insanely high, but it’s actually not. I’ll show how these traits drive the highest paying engineering jobs. And … Read more

Will Engineers Be Replaced by Robots?

Will engineers be replaced by robots? Robots will first replace engineers who use little creativity. Then, in the end, replace 10x engineers. So given a long enough timeline, robots will more than likely replace EVERY job humans do today. Yes, this even includes highly sought-after engineering jobs as well. To point out, I’m assuming technology … Read more

Answers to 6 Important Questions on Intergalactic Travel

Intergalactic travel is fascinating and is sci-fi on steroids. But the realities are mind-numbing to wrap your head around. I’m going to answer 6 thought-provoking questions on the topic. This will give perspective on the hypothetical travel between galaxies. Because as it is, traveling to Mars is a monstrous challenge for humanity. All the while, … Read more

Untold Battery & Charging Info of the Electric Hummer

The original Hummer is a BEAST of a truck. But, the electric Hummer is more impressive with its battery and charging capabilities. Because let’s face it, who would’ve thought we’d even have an electric Hummer? Not so long ago, the public viewed Hummer vehicles as monstrous pollution machines. They guzzled gas like it was going … Read more

7 Must Know Engineering Resume Tips

A well-written engineering resume will set you apart from your competition. It’s the first screening stage, which can make or break you. I know today, a resume may seem insignificant. Because everyone has a public profile and you can broadcast yourself to the entire world. BUT, you still need to get through the gauntlet of … Read more