Are Engineers Geniuses? Find Out the Truth!

Are engineers geniuses? Most aren’t! But like every other profession, there are poor, average, and genius-level engineers. To better answer this question though, we need to define a genius. Google defines a genius as, “Exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability.” Now, how does this definition translate in engineering? The below-bulleted list is … Read more

Real World Substation Construction Sequencing Steps

Substation construction sequencing for rehabilitation projects requires a stepped approach. It’s the only way to avoid construction mishaps. Especially when it’s an energized substation that needs to continue feeding existing loads. In my discussion, I’m going to go over a substation refurbishment project I’ve done. I will show how a stepped approach was necessary to … Read more

Single-Phase Voltage Drop Calculation Method Examples

Voltage drop is an issue to consider in electrical design. To better understand, we’ll go over a real-world single-phase voltage drop calculation example. I’m going to focus on three different voltage drop calculation methods. The methods will output the following calculated voltage drop accuracy levels: Approximate Estimated Exact Depending on your voltage drop problem, you … Read more