Quick Hack: How to Stress Less and Accomplish More

Stress can cripple your dreams and even more cause you depression. I’m going to go over one simple way on how to stress less and accomplish more.

I know, there are hundreds of self-help books that teach you how to stress less. I’m sure many of the techniques work great.

But the technique I’m going to discuss is simple and has worked like a charm for me for years.

I use this technique all the time. It not only increases my productivity, but it relaxes my mind. No matter the problem I’m confronted with.

Can stress be good for you?

For sure!

Your stress response will redirect your energy. You can then better deal with stressful events.

So, your body goes into emergency mode. Your glucose, stress hormones, blood pressure, and heart rate all fire up.

You become superhuman in a sense for a short period of time. Without a doubt, this will help you tackle problems more efficiently and effectively.

But, the problem is when every event, no matter how small, switches your body into emergency mode. For one, it destroys your body in the following ways:

  • Slip into a pre-diabetic state from elevated glucose
  • The immune system can take a hit from elevated cortisol
  • Cardiac problems from elevated blood pressure and heart rate
  • Elongated hyperfocus can lead to long-term memory loss

What’s more, when every small event triggers your emergency mode, what will a large event do to you? You’ll freeze in place like a deer caught in the headlights!

Why I want my stress levels limited?

stressful life
Photo Credit: Nikko Macaspac

I rarely stress. It doesn’t matter what’s going on in my life, I’m even-keeled.

At the same time, I’m the most productive I’ve ever been in my life. I don’t need an ounce of extra motivation, and any problems that come my way I fix instantly. Big or small!

This is important when you do work that people classify as high stress. Because you’ll have problems thrown at you endlessly.

So, this means you’d be switching into emergency mode all the time. Again, this isn’t healthy or productive.

By controlling my stress, I can swim in problems effortlessly without hurting myself.

Then over time I can better confront certain levels of problems without stress.

Think of Elon Musk. I doubt he stresses much today if he losses $50 million, or a rocket explodes. He has trained his mind to let go of things he has no control over.

It wasn’t always this way though. His stress management leveled up, as he tackled larger and larger goals. What he classifies as problems changed through greater life experiences too.

What others view as problems, are simply sharp turns in Elon’s journey to his goals. And the better driver he becomes, the faster he can hit the turns.

Like in video games, as you level up, your character can take greater beatings without dying.

I find this to be a very powerful tool in your mindset!

How to stress less and accomplish more

So what’s the secret sauce? Perspective!

Yes, perspective. That’s the entire technique in a nutshell.

For starters, you do as much as you can that’s in your control. Beyond that, let the other things outside of your control roll off your back.

Because at a certain point, your involvement with added stress changes nothing. BUT, it will destroy you.

I compare this to playing a video game!

Real-life is like playing a challenging video game  

Choose your favorite video game. Then life is like you’re the main character in the game.

You’ll have parts in the game that are amazingly fun. But then there are challenging parts where you need to strategize to advance.

Like how you progress through a stage in your life. You’ll experience the fun times, but you’ll also need to overcome the challenging parts. Only then can you level up, and become a better person.

The challenging video game parts I compare to hardships in real life. More specifically, what many people classify as stressful events.

In video games, you do the best you can to beat a level, but nothing will ever be perfect.

So when you understand life is but a string of fun and challenges, you simply push through the ups and downs.

If you stop pushing, you’ll remain stuck at the same level. Then if you push in the wrong direction, you’ll again get stuck at the same level. Except in the latter scenario, you’ll drive yourself crazy too.

This is all part of the rules of the game called ‘life.’ The rules I’ve created for myself.

If you’re new to this perspective, you’ll need to reprogram your mind. Make this way of thinking a habit, through endless repetitions. Thereafter, you won’t need any extra motivation or stress management.

Like a programmed machine, you’ll tackle any “stressful events” that come your way. While letting go of things out of your control.

The perspective of your place in the universe will allow you to stress less

hubble space telescope photograph showcasing galaxy UGC 2885
Hubble Space Telescope photograph showcases the majestic spiral galaxy UGC 2885, located 232 million light-years away in the northern constellation Perseus (Photo Credit: NASA)

Let’s notch up the perspective meter.

Look at your place in the universe.

You’re on a spinning rock circling a giant fireball. This rock has been spinning for billions of years. It’ll continue spinning for billions more.

My point is, your problems mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. They’ll soon become a distant memory to you. Then each of your problems will wash away with every other person who ever walked the Earth.

Now yes, I get it, our problems are still significant to each of us. This is why I say do as much as you can to fix a problem. This way you can address the thoughts inside of you.

But once a problem is out of your control, let it go!

Because it will destroy you. And from the lens of the universe, your problems and even you, are meaningless.

So if doing something is meaningless to both you and the universe, why pursue it?! Why give a problem any space in your mind that you can’t do anything about?!

Zooming out from your life problems for added perspective on stress

I always create a bird’s eye view of my problems. Then I start slowly zooming out, like what you see in Google Maps as you scroll out.

As an example, someone slams into my car and drives away.

I slowly start zooming out from my car that’s sitting on the side of the road. Then slowly I see my block, then city, until I see a patch of green and brown land.

My lens is still in the United States but I can’t see any human activity any longer. Zooming out a little more, the focus is on Earth alone with black space suffocating all around.

My problem becomes lost among billions of other human problems. In fact, from a top-down perspective, human problems don’t even register.

The Earth only magnificently spins without care for what we view as stressful events. Or I should say, animal survival triggers taking a front seat in our minds.

Remember, the Earth didn’t miss a beat when great empires collapsed thousands of years ago. I can assure you, it won’t miss a beat today with your problems.

For even deeper perspective, check out my article on how to humble yourself through the night sky.

In short, the trick is to always continue marching forward. Then only address problems you have control over.

Perspective is the ultimate way to eliminate stress

I’m not saying to let go of all your problems and become carefree. Quite the opposite.

Rather, don’t dwell over problems that cause you stress. Dwelling on problems accomplishes nothing in the end. But it’ll jumble up your mind as we’ve learned.

Again, once you do everything you can to tackle a problem, extra stress will only set you back. It accomplishes NOTHING else.

Instead, become a hammer, and view all your problems as nails. So you hammer every problem as they come up without hesitation.

But the problems you have no control over, are like invisible nails. So you now have two choices.

Dismiss these invisible nails, or endlessly hammer nothing while driving yourself crazy.

That’s the rules of the game called ‘life.’

Just like video games. You see a jump, you jump. Someone shoots at you, you dodge the bullet. A nail appears, you hammer it home.

Simple, right?!

These are the rules I’ve created for myself to manage my life problems. From my experience, it leads to greater happiness, which is all that matters.

Because the universe doesn’t care about our human rules. Our rules only exist in our minds to better the experiences WE ourselves create.

Overcome your stress and win in life

It’s not easy to shut off your emotions when it comes to life problems. Especially since we’re wired to react to stresses through evolution.

We’re all still biological creatures trying to survive in the chaos of life. Unfortunately, our lizard brains try to lead us 100% of the time.

But surprisingly also through evolution, we can override our lizard brains. Through perspective and practice, you can eliminate a lot of your reactions to stress.

So, live a healthier and more productive life with this small mind hack.

What are your thoughts on how to stress less and accomplish more? Do you find stress to be useful in your life?

Featured Image Photo Credit: NASA


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