Learn How to Stress Less and Accomplish More

Stress can seriously mess with your dreams and drag you down into depression. So, I’m gonna share how to stress less and accomplish more.

Sure, there are hundreds of self-help books out there, and some techniques might work wonders. But my go-to method is super easy and has never let me down, no matter the situation.

First, let’s talk about stress.

Can stress actually be good for you?

You bet!

Your stress response revs up your body’s resources, helping you tackle tough situations like a champ. This means an increase in glucose, cortisol, and adrenaline, as well as higher blood pressure and heart rate. So, for a short while, you’re pretty much a superhero.

The problem is, when every little thing sets off this response, it can take a toll on your health. Here’s what can happen:

  • A higher risk of pre-diabetes from elevated glucose levels
  • A weakened immune system from increased cortisol levels
  • Heart issues from high blood pressure and heart rate
  • Long-lasting hyperfocus, which could lead to memory loss

And if tiny things trigger this response, just imagine what a major event could do. You’d be like a deer caught in the headlights, totally frozen.

Why do I want to keep my stress levels in check?

stressful life
Photo Credit: Nikko Macaspac

I’m pretty chill and rarely get stressed, no matter what life throws at me. And guess what? I’m more productive than ever!

I don’t need any extra motivation, which is essential when working in high-stress situations. After all, constantly activating your body’s stress response is unhealthy, and it hinders your ability to be super productive and solve problems like a pro.

Just look at Elon Musk. A huge part of his success comes from managing stress. I doubt he’d freak out over losing $50 million or an unmanned rocket going kaboom. He’s trained his mind to let go of things beyond his control.

Sure, he probably wasn’t always this cool under pressure. But as his stress management skills leveled up, he tackled bigger and bigger goals. It’s like a self-improvement loop. Like in video games, as you level up, your character can take more hits without going down.

How to stress less and accomplish more?

The secret ingredient? Perspective!

Yep, perspective is the whole technique in a nutshell.

You give a situation everything you’ve got. Then, you let any remaining bullshit roll right off your back. Because, at some point, getting more stressed doesn’t help at all. In fact, it can wreck you both physically and mentally. It’s like playing a video game—keep your cool, and you’ll level up in no time!

Real life is like playing a challenging video game  

Picture your favorite video game. There are parts that are a total blast, but also some tricky bits you gotta play over and over to level up.

You face these challenges without chucking your controller at the wall in a fit of rage. Why? Because you know a busted controller will only slow you down. Plus, you get that the game’s highs and lows are just part of the whole experience.

Now, think about how these tricky bits in the game relate to real-life stress.

With this gaming mindset, you’ll breeze through tough times. You’ll see setbacks as just part of life’s game. Like a well-oiled machine, you’ll tackle whatever comes your way.

But if you ever stop pushing forward, you’ll stay stuck at the same level. And if you push the wrong way, you might even rage-quit life’s game…

Seeing your place in the universe helps you stress less

hubble space telescope photograph showcasing galaxy UGC 2885
Hubble Space Telescope photograph showcases the majestic spiral galaxy UGC 2885, located 232 million light-years away in the northern constellation Perseus (Photo Credit: NASA)

Let’s crank up the perspective dial and consider our place in the universe.

Right now, you’re reading this while sitting on a spinning rock that orbits a huge fireball. This rock’s been spinning for billions of years and will keep going for billions more.

In the big picture, your problems don’t matter one bit. They’ll soon fade into the past, and eventually, even you’ll be forgotten.

Now, I know your stressors still matter to you. That’s why I say to do everything you can to solve a problem, so you won’t have any regrets and can feel at peace. But if a problem’s out of your hands, let it go or it’ll tear you apart.

In the end, the problem will become meaningless, unsolvable, like spilled milk, to you. And from a cosmic viewpoint, your problems, and even you, don’t mean squat. So if something’s insignificant to you and the universe, why sweat it?!

Zoom out from your problems for extra perspective on stress

I always take a bird’s eye view of my problems. Then, I start zooming out, like in Google Maps when you scroll back.

For example, let’s say someone smashes into my car without injuring me and takes off. After the initial shock, in my mind, I slowly zoom out and see my car by the road. Then, I see my block, my city, and eventually a patch of green and brown land.

I can make out the shape of the United States, but no human activity. Zooming out more, Earth takes center stage, surrounded by the vastness of pitch-black space.

Suddenly, my problem’s just one of billions of other human problems. In fact, from a top-down view, human issues don’t even register. Earth just keeps spinning, uncaring about the stressors we think are so important.

Remember, Earth didn’t skip a beat when great empires fell thousands of years ago. And I can promise you, it won’t skip a beat over your problems.

For an even deeper cosmic perspective, check out my article on humbling yourself through the night sky.

Overcome your stress and win in life

Turning off your emotions when faced with life’s issues isn’t easy. As humans, we’ve evolved to react to stress in specific ways. And last I checked, we’re all still biological creatures trying to survive life’s chaos.

But you do have the power to override your emotional responses and your lizard brain. Then, like a machine, you can face any challenge without harming your health.

What do you think about reducing stress and achieving more? Do you find stress useful in your life?

Featured Image Photo Credit: NASA


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