10 Easy Tips on How to Work Like a Machine

Learn how to work like a machine to increase your productivity tenfold. Accomplish more of your goals, while still having time for the things you love.

The goal isn’t to lose your human side by working like a machine. Rather, to get more done since you only have 24 hours in a day. And 4 to 6 of those hours you’re sleeping.

Plus, once you learn how to work like a machine, you can apply the skill to all areas of your life. You can better help loved ones, lose weight and gain muscle, make money, and so much more.

In short, humans already are on the path to merging with machines and becoming cyborgs. So, it’s best to fine-tune your mind today to stay a step ahead.

#1 Create structure in your life

operator starting a machine using a computer

Structure in your life gives you a roadmap. You’ll know what to do from the time you step out of bed.

Otherwise, you’ll aimlessly wander around wasting your valuable time.

This is why machines are so productive. We program machines to do X, Y, and Z.

The machine will then complete its programmed tasks once you hit ‘start’. It won’t have any second thoughts once it starts working.

Similarly, once your alarm clock goes off in the morning, that’s your ‘start’ button to go.

For example, I wake up at 5:00 AM every day. I immediately then exercise. It doesn’t matter if I’m tired, sore, or have a lot on my mind.

Exercise is a part of my structured daily routine. No different than how brushing teeth before bed is a part of most people’s daily routine.

What to do to work like a machine

Create a list of the main things you absolutely need to do every day. Then shape your schedule around these daily tasks.

For example, your list may include the following:

  • 1 hour of exercise
  • 4 hours of studying
  • 4 hours of design work
  • 1 hour of brainstorming for future ideas and businesses
  • 30 minutes of meal prep for the next day

So, Monday through Friday these tasks become a part of your daily routine. From the time you wake up until you go to sleep, you’ll know exactly what to do.

#2 Improve your stress management

I’m not sure how much is genetic, but I rarely stress.

Once a problem surfaces, I don’t dwell over it. It doesn’t matter how big the problem is.

Instead, I analyze the problem and quickly transition to how to solve it.

For a rental home I own, I was hit with a $20,000 expense out of the blue in the middle of the holidays. To top it off, I had to house disgruntled tenants in a hotel.

It was a mess. I didn’t have control over the situation.

But, I didn’t allow the situation to affect my other lines of work. Once I did everything I could, I let the situation be. Then, I pushed the problem to the back of my mind.

Stressing over the problem wouldn’t have improved the situation. But, it would have negatively affected everything else I was doing.

So, don’t beat yourself up over something out of your control. There’s no benefit in stabbing yourself after you’ve been stabbed.

Similarly, a machine doesn’t care if there’s an earthquake or fire nearby. It’ll continue to work unaffected.

What to do to work like a machine

Try to think of problems rationally. Understand that self-sabotage through self-induced stress will only further set you back.

Also, tackle problems with everything you have. Do your best to put out the fire fast. At the same time, cut out your emotions.

I know this isn’t easy to do. But, the more you practice this way of thinking, the more likely it’ll become a habit.

#3 Create to-do lists

When you juggle many responsibilities, you’ll naturally become forgetful. Your brain can process only so much.

And more than likely, you can’t afford a personal assistant to follow you around. Thus, the next best bet is to create to-do lists for yourself.

I always create daily, weekly, and long-term to-do lists. Also, I constantly update these to-do lists on my phone.

I sometimes even carry my daily to-do list with me on a piece of paper. I keep a pencil with me too, to add to my list before a thought escapes my mind.

It’s like a programmer who programs a machine to complete certain tasks. Without a program, a machine will sit idle doing nothing.

Similarly, your to-do lists become the tasks you program yourself to do.

What to do to work like a machine

In the morning or the evening before, write down everything you need to do for the day. Make this a daily habit.

Create a monthly and yearly to-do or goal list for yourself too. Your daily tasks will help you one day reach your long-term goals.

#4 Cut out the noise from your life

autonomous robot processing data

I use this tactic when I need absolute focus. I cut out all distractions to ramp up my productivity to peak levels.

The goal here is to become tunnel-visioned with your work. Athletes call this falling into the zone.

In the zone, all your focus is on checking off tasks from your to-do list.

At the same time, maintaining a high quality of work. Good thing is, you don’t need any Adderall. To pull this off, I do the following:

  • Put my phone away or flip it upside down
  • Stay away from all people and distractions
  • Leave the house to find somewhere quiet to work
  • Quit daydreaming
  • Not overeat
  • Not open extra browser tabs with non-work-related subjects

This no-bullshit approach makes you efficient like a machine. I compare it to the first Terminator movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The terminator’s only goal was to capture Sarah Connor. Even when half its face was blown off, its goal still remained to capture Sarah Connor.

In other words, you shouldn’t allow outside noise to affect you. Even when you know the following is going on while you work:

  • Your friends and family are at a theme park on a hot sunny day
  • Your favorite sports team is playing

So, you stick to your to-do list. Your only focus remains on checking off your tasks.

What to do to work like a machine

Write down your biggest distractions. Then one by one cut them out when you work.

For example, leave your phone in your car or turn it off. This will train your mind to better focus.

Eventually, you can work with your phone right next to you. No different than pro athletes who play at a high level in front of thousands of screaming fans.

#5 Limit your social interactions when you’re working

To maintain a high level of productivity, you need to cut out your largest time sinks.

By time sinks, I mean anything that takes up too much of your time without a return.

For many people, this time sink comes from friends and family. A quick 1-minute conversation may turn into a heated 2-hour discussion.

That’s 2 hours of wasted time. To top it off, you’ll need an extra hour to cool down in some instances.

In short, when you work, your goal is always to maximize every minute. To that end, a machine doesn’t socialize with nearby machines. Thus, you need to do the same.

What to do to work like a machine

I recommend the following:

  • Only receive text messages. Don’t take any phone calls.
  • When speaking with people, cut out the small talk. When others speak non-work-related subjects, don’t ask follow-up questions. Be courteous, but don’t extend the conversation.
  • Make others aware of your goals and work schedule. Not only will people respect your time more, but they may even follow your lead.

#6 Focus on your end goal

Focus hard on what you want to accomplish. Visualize where you want to be and what you want to do in X years.

This will ignite a fire inside of you. You’ll move mountains to get where you want to be.

It’s no different than driving from point A to point B. When you know your final destination you’ll always get there.

Most humans don’t have clear goals to shoot for. Whereas we program machines with only one goal. So the machine almost always reaches its goal.

What to do to work like a machine

Program yourself with one mission. Write down your goals.

Then write about how you plan to reach your goals. Include the baby steps.

Everything may not be clear to you in the beginning. But, that’s why you write the steps in the journey towards your goals.

#7 Increase your efficiency

You can optimize most things in your life. As a result, you’ll save more time and encounter fewer problems.

I learned a lot about becoming efficient, through bodybuilding. In college, I’d blend tuna and diet Dr Pepper together and drink it.

I know, sounds gross. But, it saved me a lot of time.

I had to eat high quantities of food and protein daily, on top of my engineering course load. So, I found this drink to be the best solution.

The diet Dr Pepper masked the tuna taste. It allowed me to get a can of tuna down in a few seconds.

What to do to work like a machine

  • Eat the same thing over and over again every day on your workdays. This way, you don’t think about what to take for lunch. I’ve been eating the same thing for lunch for years now.
  • Wear the same type of clothes every day. There’s a reason why Mark Zuckerburg wears the same type of shirt every day. He wants to cut down the time of making non-important decisions in his day.
  • Pay the fee for a service that’ll automate essential tasks for you. If software exists that’ll save you an hour a day, then use it. This way, you don’t slave away using Excel and pulling your hair out. In most instances, $30 a month is worth the saved time.

#8 Hold yourself accountable

Merging of humans and machines in the future

This is a tactic used by Elon Musk a lot. He shouts bold goals to the entire world through his Twitter account.

This is genius marketing to drive up his stock value. But also, it lights a fire under his employees.

It follows the quote of: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

In other words, you place extra pressure on yourself to save face. You don’t want others to view you as undependable and a hack.

What to do to work like a machine

Set hard deadlines for yourself. Post your deadlines on your wall, in your phone, and anywhere else your eyes will come across them.

This way you’ll have something to work towards every day. Then, tell people about your goals. Once you make your goals public, it becomes difficult to turn back on your words.

#9 Instill fear in yourself

Fear is a great motivator. I guarantee if a madman is chasing you, you’ll run. Even if you’ve never run before because you hate exercise.

To that end, I always think of how short and fragile life is. This makes me more efficient in my work.

I don’t allow a task that should only take 8 hours to complete to stretch to 40 hours. That’s 32 extra hours you could have further advanced your work to reach your goal. Or, 32 extra hours you could have spent with your loved ones.

Even more, I peek into my future. I know one day I may get hurt, or I may need to provide extra care for a loved one.

For this reason, I want to always remain prepared. I know in the future, I’ll kick myself if I don’t.

For example, I don’t want to tell myself, “why didn’t I do that earlier, to become more financially stable today?”

It’s important to live in the present but to have one foot in the future.

What to do to work like a machine

Paint your future in your mind. Think of what you’d feel if you reach a certain age without reaching your goals.

Keep thinking these thoughts, until your fear of failure becomes a reality. This is mental warfare. Feed your mind fear to motivate yourself.

#10 Find your passion

When you love the work you do, everything falls into place. You’ll want to wake up at 5:00 AM to work.

You don’t need an alarm clock. Your mind will be awake from the time your eyes open.

So, if you’re lucky enough to discover your passion in life, you need to milk it.

This is a gift only a few people receive in their lives.

The late great Kobe Bryant would play one-on-one games to 100 after high school practices. Then in the NBA, he would show up to 7:00 AM practices at 5:00 AM.

Kobe was drenched in sweat before other players entered the practice facility. This level of intensity separates the good from the great.

What to do to work like a machine

Think of all your interests. Figure out what makes you tick.

Once you find it, find a way to milk it. Even if you have an 8 to 5 job, milk your passion on the side.

A passionate mind works effortlessly like a machine.

Mastery of working like a machine

Master how to work like a machine to completely change your life around. The type of work you do doesn’t even matter.

You can apply how to work like a machine to all areas of your life.

What’s more, once you become more like a cyborg, people will think you have endless available time. You’ll make juggling countless lines of work look easy.

There’s a reason why many business owners prefer machines over human workers. Machines work at a constant high level without making one excuse.

Now, you too can turn yourself into half human half machine. The best of both worlds to quickly level up in life.

How do you work like a machine in your everyday life? What one thing would help improve your work efficiency?


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