7 Must Know Mechanical Engineering Design Tips

Good product design is far from easy, but by following my 7 mechanical engineering design tips, you can simplify the process. Just so you know, I’m not a mechanical engineer by degree. Actually, I’m an electrical engineer, not that it really matters. I’ve just had my fair share of dabbling in mechanical stuff, and I’ve … Read more

Is Engineering Worth It? 6 Reasons It Is!

Is engineering worth it? If you enter the profession for the right reasons, it’s well worth it. It’s interesting work without a pay ceiling. To better explain, I’ll cover the following topics: Satisfy your childhood curiosity and sense of adventure Tackle engaging technical work Dive into stimulating challenges Enjoy fantastic pay Work with intriguing and … Read more

Over 100 Powerful Engineering Resume Buzzwords

A resume’s mission: grab the reader’s attention in a flash, like 10 seconds! To pull this off, sprinkle in some engineering resume buzzwords. Hiring managers are swamped and don’t have time for fluff. They want the lowdown on what you’ve accomplished and how you can help them out. The secret sauce? Use buzzwords related to … Read more

Homeowner’s Guide For a Structural Engineer Inspection

A structural engineer inspection can keep your home safe and save you money. Surprisingly, many people aren’t aware of these inspections! As a homeowner, you might think structural engineers only deal with giant bridges and towering skyscrapers. Well, surprise! They’re also the go-to pros for all sorts of structural inspections, from those massive bridges to … Read more

12 Essential Portable Generator Maintenance Tips

Proper generator maintenance can be a lifesaver. This includes planning, knowing what to look out for, and ensuring proper storage. The maintenance tips we’re about to dive into are ones I recommend to my industrial clients, so they’ll definitely apply to your at-home portable generator too. Just make sure your generator is off and cool … Read more

The 3 Popular Methods of Calculating AC Size

Calculating AC size is crucial to keeping your home cool. Lucky for you, I’ve got three methods to help you nail that calculation! The first method is quick and can be done by hand, while the other two need some special software because they’re a bit more complex. No sweat, though – I’ll guide you … Read more

The Insane Engineering of the SpaceX Raptor Engine

The SpaceX Raptor engine is taking engineering to new heights, with every aspect of these monstrous engines being absolutely mind-blowing! We’re about to dive into the engineering side of these fascinating engines but don’t worry, we won’t get too deep into the technical stuff. Trust me, though, the overview I provide will be enough to … Read more

8 Must Know Tips on Mechanical Design Tolerances

Choosing the right mechanical design tolerances keeps projects within budget and, more importantly, ensures designs stay functional. Now, I’m no mechanical engineer or machinist, but as an electrical engineer, I’ve tinkered with devices both at home and at work, so I know a thing or two about tolerances. At first, I was completely baffled by … Read more

Tourism Cost of Commercial Space Flight to LEO

In the future, tourism will extend from Earth into space, but the cost of commercial space flight will determine when it becomes a reality. At the moment, civilians have to shell out a pretty penny for a ticket beyond Earth, but fear not! Each year, prices are dropping, making the fast-growing commercial space travel industry … Read more

Why is Cape Canaveral a Launch Site? 6 Reasons!

Why is Cape Canaveral a launch site? It’s the perfect spot to maximize rocket speed, ensure public safety, and maintain efficient operations. In total, there are 6 main reasons why NASA loves Cape Canaveral as a rocket launch site. I’m gonna give you the lowdown on each one, so you can understand all the ins … Read more

What is Construction Engineering?

What is construction engineering? Construction engineers are masterminds who plan and bring to life all sorts of infrastructure marvels. Imagine towering skyscrapers, snaking roads, robust bridges, intricate tunnels, indispensable dams, and vital railroads – yup, they’re the ones making it all happen, navigating the chaotic world of construction with the grace of a seasoned ballet … Read more

3 Traits of the Highest Paying Engineering Jobs

The highest-paying engineering jobs share three unique traits: innovation, rare skills, and a dash of risk-taking. Put them all together and—bam!—you’ve got yourself a $500k per year engineering gig! I know it sounds insane, but it’s not. Let me show you how these traits propel engineers into the stratosphere of salary, and how you can … Read more

Will Engineers Be Replaced by Robots?

Will engineers be replaced by robots? A resounding yes! Your level of creativity, however, determines when this robot takeover happens. In the not-too-distant future, robots are projected to assume every job currently performed by humans – yes, even the revered engineering roles. This prediction banks heavily on technology continuing its meteoric growth at its present … Read more

Untold Battery & Charging Info of the Electric Hummer

The original Hummer was a beast of a truck. But, the electric Hummer is a whole new level of awesome, all thanks to some seriously cool tech. It blows my mind that we have an electric Hummer nowadays, considering that not too long ago, these bad boys were infamous gas-guzzling, pollution-spewing monsters. Take the H1 … Read more

7 Must Know Engineering Resume Tips

A kickass engineering resume will make you stand out from the competition, and it’s the first hurdle to clear to landing a job. Nowadays, I know a resume might feel a bit old-school. After all, we live in a world where everyone has a public profile and you can broadcast yourself to the entire globe. … Read more